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Eye & Vision Exams

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Professional Eye Examinations

Our doctors will perform an extensive eye examination that not only insures that you are seeing your best, but also throughly assesses your eye health and ocular coordination.

Vision testing starts with a high tech computerized measurement of both your refractive error and the shape of your cornea. We then use advanced equipment to test your complete visual system to arrive at the proper prescription for each patient. This may take the form of eyeglasses, contact lenses or low vision devices, whatever it takes to maintain your visual performance at it's peak.

Perhaps the most important thing we do is help insure that you maintain good eye health to last you a lifetime. To do this we employ the latest in diagnostic instrumentation from powerful biomicroscopes, the latest in eye pressure measurement instruments (tonometers), all forms of ophthalmoscopes which help us see the inside of your eye, to computerized visual field (glaucoma) testing devices.

While it is our job to keep up-to-date in education and technology we need your help to fulfill our commitment to maintaining eye health. Routine preventative eye examinations are your best bet in maintaining eye health, so please return for your visits at the interval your doctor recommends.

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