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OrthoKeratology is a non-surgical procedure using specially designed contact lenses (OK lenses)to reshape the cornea to reduce or correct nearsightedness and astigmatism.

In some ways this is similar to the use of dental braces by an orthodontist to straighten a patient’s teeth. After your teeth have been straightened, a retainer is fit to keep the teeth in their newly formed shape.

Similarly, with the OK lenses, a nightwear contact lens retainer is used to maintain the newly shaped cornea.

These retainer lenses are typically worn while you sleep giving you the freedom from glasses or contact lenses during all of your waking hours.

How is the Cornea Reshaped?

It begins with an examination by Dr. Eileen Lo who is qualified to determine your suitability as an Ortho-K patient. Once you qualify, a precise mapping of your corneal curvatures are taken with a computerized corneal topographer, a highly advanced instrument. From this, along with other data from your examination, Dr. Lo designs an OK lens, which will gently reshape your cornea. Many times, our first pair will be all we need to achieve our desired results. In other cases, we may need to make changes to the lens design depending on how your eyes respond.

After the ideal shape has been achieved, retainer lenses are then used to maintain this shape. Some of our patients only wear the lenses two or three times per week to maintain the vision.
The vision and comfort of these lenses will be similar to conventional contact lenses.

Is This a New Procedure?

No. As a matter of fact, both doctors and patients have realized the safety and advantage of corneal reshaping for over 25 years. These benefits, however, depend on the doctors ability to understand and utilize today's technological advancements in instrumentation, computer software applications and lens design. Over the past few years Dr. Lo has attended conferences, and studied this procedure with some of the top orthokeratologists in the world.

Dr. Lo’s expertise, along with the major advancements in computer technology, instrumentation, and OK lens design has dramatically improved the effectiveness and affordability of this procedure.Dr. Lo and her daughters have been wearing OK lenses for over two years!

When Will I Notice Results?

For the vast majority of patients, dramatic improvement in your vision is noticed overnight. Some patients may take a week to notice change.

What are the Benefits of this Procedure?

When proper corneal shape is maintained, you enjoy the benefits of clearer vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Depending on your regimen, you can be free from wearing glasses or contacts during all the waking hours.

This is ideal for teenagers who are too young to have laser surgery, sports enthusiasts, those who work dusty or dry environments, or for anyone who simply wants to free himself or herself from having to use corrective lenses during the day.

Does OK lenses have Advantages over RK or laser surgery?

Yes. OK lenses does not carry the risk that can be associated with using knives or lasers to reshape the eye, including scarring and loss of vision; is about half the cost of laser surgery; does not involve post-operative pain; nor does it leave the hazy vision often experienced by patients following laser surgery; there is no permanent loss of Bowman’s membrane, the tough protective layer of the cornea, as in laser surgery, and both eyes are treated together, rather than several weeks apart.

OK lenses fitting costs about half of what LASIK costs. Above all , OK lenses fitting is reversible. Surgery is not!

Is Everyone a Candidate for OK lenses?

No. While OK lenses can help most patients, including those with severe nearsightedness and astigmatism, improve their vision, the procedure is most effective for the majority of patients within a specified prescription range. Additional factors involve the complexity of the corneal shape, the rigidity of the cornea itself, patient's expectations, and the ability of the patient to wear contact lenses. OK lenses are available for those who fit within our above criteria.

A thorough examination using advanced diagnostic instrumentation by Dr. Lo can readily determine if OK lenses are right for you.

Do You Have Any Financing Options?

Yes, please ask for details. All major credit cards are accepted.

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